Everything You Need To Know About Finding A Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy in Toronto

Sugar dating is becoming one of the most profitable and fastest-growing trades, especially in Toronto. With the rising student debt and student unemployment, many university students are reaching out to wealthy sugar daddy in Toronto as a way of making fast cash and getting out of student loan debt.

Important note:

Sugar dating in Toronto

Sugar dating, as most people would say, is an exchange of gifts or cash and other financial assistance for your company.

If you are living in Toronto and you want to try this whole sugar-dating thing, I would say you couldn’t be in a better place in the country. Why? Because Toronto has the highest population of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in the country. According to SugarBook  an online sugar dating site, the University of Toronto and York University has the highest number of students using its dating site.

The cost of living in Toronto can be very expensive. This is one of the main reasons why there is such a huge number of university students signing up for online sugar dating site.

In case you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy or Baby in Toronto, we’ve got great news for you. In Toronto’s multi-million neighborhood, you’ll find tons of rich older men that will get you out of your financial strain for an exchange of your good company.

One of the best things about sugar dating in Toronto is that most sugar daddies are very respectful and genuine. They are known for having class and always following through their promises. A typical sugar daddy in Toronto is usually 40-55 years old and working in the finance sector.

Scroll down below if to find out where and how to get a sugar daddy in Toronto.

The Sugar Babies in Toronto are usually university students who are hard-working women and know exactly what they want in life. They are either in it as a way of financing their education and living costs or just looking to upgrade their lifestyle.

How to find sugar babies in Toronto?

ow to find sugar babies in Toronto

There are several ways where you can find a sugar baby. However, the best way is by signing up for an online sugar baby dating site.

SugarBook.com is one of the best websites out there if you’re looking for sugar babies in Toronto. It has more than 340,000 student members in Canada alone. This site can help you elevate your lifestyle and cover your college tuition once you find a Sugar Daddy.

All you have to do is join by filling in your profile and adding your photo. You can put up your own terms and conditions and layout your expectations. Soon you’ll match up with your sugar date. This website is perfect for people who are looking for a modern relationship with no strings attached.

The website recognizes the importance of privacy of its users, which is why the website maintains a strict privacy policy. You can use your aliases on your profile, but you’re not allowed to use your last name, phone numbers, and other contact information.

Sign up for free and upgrade your account as you go. With so many sugar babies and daddies in Toronto, what are you even waiting for?

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Top places to find Sugar Daddies in Toronto

sugar baby toronto

Finding a Sugar Daddy in Toronto is pretty easy once you know where to find them. Fortunately for you, we researched the 10 Best Neighbourhoods to find sugar daddies in Toronto.

The following places have been ranked based on the number of Sugar Babies users from each neighborhood. The Entertainment district came out on top of the list with a total of 301. Willowdale and Yorkdale took the second and third spots with a total of 179 and 133 sugar daddies, respectively.

Take a look at the full list below:

  1. Entertainment District
  2. Willowdale 
  3. Yorkdale 
  4. Thornhill
  5. Bedford Park
  6. Old Toronto
  7. Edward’s Gardens
  8. Yorkville
  9. Liberty Village
  10. Flemingdom Park

Now you know where to find the most sugar daddies in Toronto. If you’re from one of these neighborhoods, then don’t waste another moment and get hustling!

You can also find several sugar daddy and baby events in Toronto in these neighbourhoods.

Ps. – Click here to read more about meeting sugar daddies that only want to talk. Perfect for the sugar babies that are not interesting in meeting their sugar daddies or having a sexual relationship with then. 

Local Dating Culture

Lucky for you, Toronto’s local dating culture is extremely suitable for sugar dating. As a matter of fact, Toronto is one of the best places in the country, if not the world, for sugar dating. There are a number of reasons why.

First, the people here are quite progressive, and they do not really believe in the traditional forms of relationship. You’ll find that most people here don’t mind open relationships at all, which is a good thing if you’re looking to sugar date.

Casual dating is also a big part of Toronto’s dating culture. Many people here just date to have some good time. You won’t find a lot of people looking for something serious out of date.

Also, Torontonians love going out to eat in restaurants for dates. There are tons of them in the city, which makes it perfect for all types of dates. You can always find a great place to eat and hang out when you’re out on a sugar date. Besides restaurants, you can also go on a coffee date in some of the cute coffee shops in Toronto, which is a serious thing here.

If you like dressing up to look good for your date, then Toronto is one of the perfect places. Style is one of the main factors here in Toronto, which makes dating much more fun since you can put on your best dresses and clothes. When you’re sugar dating, you’ll be dressing up a lot!

In Toronto, you will not have a fear of being judged for sugar dating. People are just too busy with their own lives to care about how you date. So you might as well just get on one of those sugar dating websites and do what you got to do.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Your First Sugar date

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Before you go out on your first sugar date, there are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind. These few tips can help you have a good impression on your date. Moreover, these tips might come in handy to keep you safe and out of trouble.

Do’s for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

  • Try to look as good as possible. Visual attraction is an important part of sugar dating. You can go to the salon to get your hair and nails done if you have to. Putting on a nice dress is also recommended. Try to dress according to the occasion. For example, if you are going to a play or a fancy dinner date, you can put on some nice dress along with your heels. But if it’s a concert or a movie date, you can put on a cute dress with a comfortable shoe.
  • Do a background check on your date, if possible. Find out everything you can about him through his social media and other personal accounts. You never know who your date might turn out to be.
  • Tell your sugar daddy what you want. It might be embarrassing for you to open up about these things, but sugar daddies don’t mind about it. They’re here to help you in exchange for your service, so just communicate with them.
  • Let your date know when you’re available. Most women complain about this issue. So if you put it up on your first date, then maybe both parties can come to an agreement, and you have an issue later on with your schedule.
  • Always have an open mind. Sugar dating may or may not involve any physical relationships. However, most sugar dads have the expectation of getting intimate, so don’t be surprised if your sugar daddy asks you for sex.
  • Always try to meet up for your first date before sunset. And make sure it’s in a public place like a café or a restaurant.

Don’ts for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

  • Do not provide your personal information on your first date. Providing your details to someone you’ve just met can be risky.
  • Don’t be shy. It is important to be confident and outspoken if you’ve decided to become a sugar baby. If you appear to be shy or timid, you might be taken advantage of. Speak up and discuss your terms and agreements if you have to.
  • Do not go on a sugar date if you are unsure of this whole idea. Sugar dating is not for everybody. And if you think you can’t do it, then don’t. However, if you do decide to go on a date, then don’t hold back. Stand by the decision you’ve made and be bold.
  • Don’t keep going on about the personal drama of your life. This could make you come off as desperate. For sugar babies, your job is to comfort the sugar daddies and not the other way around.
  • Don’t feel obligated to have a physical relationship with your sugar daddy on your first date. Sugar dating is just like any other relationship. If you are not comfortable with any part of the dating, then you can just walk away. And yes, that includes sex. If you’re comfortable with it, then go ahead. No one’s going to judge you.
  • Don’t get too attached. There are chances that you’re sugar daddy may turn out to be young and good looking. So try not to fall for him. Your relationship can be like any other relationship, but that does not mean you are boyfriends and girlfriends for real.
  • Don’t waste your sugar daddy’s time. Most of them are extremely busy, and they don’t normally have a lot of time. So if you do go out on a date with your sugar daddy, make sure to make the most out of that valuable time.

With all these few tips on the Do’s and Don’ts on your first sugar date, I am sure that you are ready to go ahead with your first sugar date.

What do Toronto ladies think of sugar dating?

The ladies in Toronto have a mixed opinion on sugar dating. Some of them think Sugar Dating is one of the best ways to pay your bills, while others think it’s just another way to exploit women.

They are of the opinion that sugar dating is just sugar-coating pimping to get away from the law with fancy terms like “Sugaring.”

There are several women who have come up voicing against sugar dating. Some even consider it worse than prostituting and working in strip clubs since you’re always expected to be available when the sugar daddy calls. There are incidents where women have been threatened simply because they refuse to have sex.

However, there are also several women on the other side of the spectrum who thinks sugar dating is nothing more than just a normal relationship. The only difference is that you get paid with allowances for providing company to older men. Online sugar dating is considered safe by many women, and several of them have given a pleasant account of sugar dating.

They have mentioned how sugar dating brought them out of their student loan debts and how it also helped finance the high living cost of Toronto.

Overall, the ladies in Toronto usually have a positive outlook on sugar dating, even though there are several who disagrees with them. It is safe to say that those women who are in favor of sugar dating are university students since they need the money to finance their tuitions.

What is a good allowance for a sugar baby from Toronto?

The allowances of sugar babies can differ from one to the other. It solely depends on the sugar daddies and what they want to offer. However, considering the living cost in a city like Toronto and the expensive tuitions, a good allowance for a sugar baby in Toronto would be about $3000 a month. That amounts to roughly about $750 a month.

You can get more or less depending upon your sugar daddy. Some wealthy sugar daddies will even provide twice that amount. The average monthly allowance received by sugar babies was right at around $2925.

How to avoid being scammed by Salt daddies and Salt babies?

There are plenty of scammers out there that you need to be aware of. The most common terms used for those scammers in the sugar dating business are “Salt Daddies” and “Salt Babies.”

Salt Daddies are those people that pose as wealthy and successful individuals to meet attractive young women and have sexual intercourse without paying anything in exchange for the service while Salt Babies can be both male and female who try to take advantage of Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas for personal gains without providing any services.

Things to look out for as a Sugar Baby to avoid being scammed by Salt Daddies include:

  • Always wants sex: This is one of the easiest ways to spot a salt daddy. He will always talk about having sex with you even before any arrangement has been established for your terms and conditions.
  • Never follows through with the promises: This is a sure way to spot a salt daddy. He’ll make promises to send you money and even asks for your account information, but the money never comes through. Take this advice and block him as soon as you can.
  • Makes a shit ton of promises: This is one of the most common traits of a salt daddy. He’ll make you the most generous offers like luxury vacation, tuition, high allowance, and many more. It’s all probably just an illusion to make your stay and do whatever he wants from you.
  • Always too busy: If he’s too busy to come and see you, he’s probably a salt daddy. He’ll ask you to come and meet him instead, which you should never do. You’ll have to make all the arrangements yourself, and this might cost you in the end.
  • Asks for nudes and video calls without ever meeting up: This is the type of salt daddies you should totally avoid. Your private pictures can be leaked online if you do something like that.

Things to look out for as a Sugar Daddy to avoid being scammed by Salt Babies include:

  • Look out for babies asking for huge lumps of dough. This is usually a typical characteristic of a salt baby.
  • While looking up on online sites, if their bios don’t say much about themselves or do not include a profile picture, this is a sign that she might be a salt baby. Such profiles exist only for the money and nothing else.
  • Another way of spotting a salt baby is if they ask you for huge compensations even without showing up on the date, with the promise of a second date, don’t fall for it. High chances are, she is a salt baby.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Toronto     

These are the top 5 girl friendly hotels in Toronto that are extremely safe and provide great services.

  1. Le Germain Hotel Toronto Maple Leaf Square
  2. Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
  3. InterContinental Toronto Yorkville
  4. Drake Hotel Toronto
  5. Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto

What about the local LGBT sugar dating community?

Sugar dating is very popular among the LGBT community in Toronto. When you think about sugar dating, the first thing that pops up in your mind is a young beautiful looking woman with a wealthy older man.

However, the scene is changing, and there has been a huge growth of LGBT people in sugar dating. There are tons of LGBT sugar daddies and LGBT sugar babies, especially in Canada. According to a VICE report, a Sugar Dating site has on average 3,700 LGBT sugar mommies and daddies, and 52,000 LGBT sugar babies on its website.

This number is slowly growing, and it is partly due to the growing popularity of Sugar Dating.

How much does a sugar date in Toronto Cost?

The cost of a sugar date in Toronto can differ based on how and where you spend your time together. If you go out for lunch or dinner in a fancy restaurant, you might have to spend around $200-$500 on food and drinks alone. Besides that, you will also have to consider your sugar baby’s charge or, in other words, allowance. You can pay around $150-$500 per date. However, this totally depends on you.

Considering all this cost, a typical sugar date in Toronto will cost you anywhere from $500 up to $1000 or even more.

Where to go on a sugar date in Toronto?

If you find a sugar date, the first thing on your mind would be, “Where should we go for this date?” This would not be an issue for a long time sugar daters. You might already know all the great places in Toronto. But for all those new sugar babies and sugar daddies out there, here are the top places you can go for a sugar date in Toronto:

  1. Library Bar

Library Bar is one of the best bars in Toronto known for its cocktails and bistro fare. The bar serves some of the best martini and whiskeys. This location is great for sugar dating since it serves food until late at night. You can also find afternoon tea services here.

The comfy interior setting and the great food make it one of the places to go on a date.

  1. The Cactus

The Cactus is a chain of restaurants that recently opened in Toronto. It is a large 500-seat restaurant located in the Financial District of Toronto. The place is mostly filled with some of the wealthiest people in Toronto.

With amazing food and décor, it is one of the best places to go on a sugar date.

  1. The Canoe

The Canoe is located on the 54th floor of the TD Tower. As a result, it has an amazing, jaw-dropping view of the city and the nearby islands. This place is great for a romantic dinner. Add this place to your list if you are looking for a great place to sugar date. You will absolutely love it.

  1. Alo

This is one of the newest places in Toronto that serves multi-course meals. With an amazing interior and a bar, you and your date will definitely love this place. The food is amazing, which comes as no surprise since this place is very popular among the locals. Plus, the restaurant is vegan friendly.

  1. Distillery District

Last but not least, we have a Distillery District on our list of top places to sugar date. This place is one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Toronto that features some amazing restaurants, galleries, and distilleries. You can spend your date here by talking a walk or head to some restaurant for breakfast or lunch.

STD’s and HIV

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and as a result, it also has one of the largest numbers of HIV and other STD’s in the country. When you go out on a sugar date, there is a high probability that you might engage in some sort of sexual activity. It is extremely important that you practice safe sex when you’re sleeping with someone new. If not, there is a high chance you might get an STD and even HIV.

The rates of STD’s in Toronto are comparably higher than other jurisdictions in the states. According to an article posted by Global News, Toronto has nearly 10,000 new cases of Chlamydia in 2014. It is the most common STD in Toronto. Gonorrhea comes in second place. All these STDs are more prevalent among men who sleep with the same sex.

One study even shows that 1 in every 120 adults in Toronto has HIV. This shows how common HIV is in Toronto. Overall, the country has an HIV rate of 173 per 100,000.

With all these numbers in mind, it is important to stay away from unprotected sex as much as possible if you’re dating someone new.

How to get around in Toronto                        

Being the largest city in Canada, Toronto has some of the best public transportation systems in the world. Knowing how to get around in Toronto can help you quickly get from one place to another. Sugar dating allows you to date people from different parts of the city. These modes of transportation will play a crucial role in your sugar dating life:

Subway: Subway is the most common choice for people who are in a hurry. Though it is not as extensive as other transportations above the ground, it will surely get you to your destination fast.

Buses and Streetcars: Buses and streetcars will take you anywhere in Toronto. They are the most commonly used mode of transportation in Toronto.

Ferry: If you ever want to go to the Toronto Islands, the ferries in Toronto will take you there. The tickets are also cheap.

Taxis: Taxis are easily available in Toronto just like any other city. You can always depend on them to take you to your destination.

Final Words

Sugar dating in Toronto is not a new aspect of the local culture. It has been around for some time now. However, it has only been a few years since sugar dating gained the immense popularity it has now. And it is easy to see why. As society is becoming more and more progressive, getting yourself into sugar dating is becoming more acceptable.

There are tons of benefits you can get from both parties. There is no denying that there are certain risks associated with sugar dating. However, if you take the proper precautions and steps, you can gain a lot from sugar dating.


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