A Complete Guide to The Lifestyle of Sugar Daddies in NYC

A Sugar relationship, or in other words known as “Sugaring,” is a state of agreeing on a relationship that offers companionship from the sugar baby to the sugar daddy all in return for meeting her/his needs and wants as well. The sugar baby likes the idea of being pampered by the daddy in a multitude of ways.

However, it is important, according to the daddy, to find his sugar baby appealing in both emotional and physical aspects. The areas of the best Sugar Daddies in NYC consist of different neighborhoods.

Important note:

Sugar Dating in New York City

Sugar Dating in NYC is actually very rampant nowadays, given the fact that a lot of young women and men have to pay bills, rents, and to afford a living. In an upscale city like NYC, a lot of young men and women fall into debt and student loans as well. Everything in this city is expensive and can be extremely hard to make ends meet.

But at the same time, NYC is filled with older men ranging from ages 30-60, who are extremely wealthy and single.


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They are always on the hunt for seeking consensual companionship, and the city serves as a hotspot for sugaring, given the fact that these sugar babies are available in huge numbers. You can always check out Elite Daily for more insights on the life of Sugar babies and their experiences in NYC and Los Angeles.


How to Find Sugar Babies in New York City

how to find a sugar daddy in new york

The best and easiest way to find your own sugar baby is to sign up for a sugar baby dating site online. You might be lonely and on the lookout for a sugar baby that meets the eye but have trouble finding one. Specialized websites are always the key to establishing your sugaring lifestyle.

There are tons of websites that promote such arrangements; however, not all of them can suit your interest and fit your convenience. We recommend you the website of SugarDaddyMeet.com to ease your dating life. 

This website will benefit you in every way possible. It has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and other first-rate publications. It is safe and incredibly reliable for every user out there today.

Over hundreds of mutually profitable relationships on a daily basis are fostered here.

It has been at the top of the game for over a decade now. It will help you in finding matches all based on the individual’s preferences, such as body type to great heights of financial prosperity.

The Top Places to Locate Sugar Daddies in New York City

nyc sugar baby

How to get a sugar daddy in NYC isn’t a challenge; to be honest. It isn’t difficult for Sugar babies to find their Sugar daddies in New York City. They are practically available everywhere in the city, but if you prefer to start online you can sign up here for free to be a sugar baby.

However, they are some places that are known for having the most activity going on.

To start off, you have to be familiar with some of the top neighborhoods in NYC, such as Forest Hills, Bronxville, Woodside, Williamsburg, Elmhurst, Flushing, Rego Park, Valley Stream, Jackson Heights, and Glendale. These are the places you’d end up getting the most out of this experience. You can easily get the chance to cherry-pick your daddies.

Some of the top places for the purpose of sugar dates can happen in venues such as 230 5th, Lillie’s Victorian Establishment, Upstairs at Kimberly, Tavern on the Green, The Campbell in Grand Central Terminal, Le Bernardin, Masa, Per Se, Shuka, The Aviary, Cote, and Buvette. These areas are deemed as places that are suited best for sugar dates.

You can check out SugarDaddyMeet.com for first date tips and essentials.

Ps. – Click here to read more about meeting sugar daddies that only want to talk. Perfect for the sugar babies that are not interesting in meeting their sugar daddies or having a sexual relationship with then. 

Understanding the Local Dating Culture

Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies usually tend to meet through one of the three ways;

  1. Through online dating websites
  2. At local bars
  3. Or from popular dating apps.

We recommend that first dates must consist of meetups at coffee shops or bars.

This can continue with second dates, where they can resort to a more formal atmosphere by adding the idea of dinner and other formal events. But all of this will be applicable once you start making arrangements.

Sugar Daddies often take their Sugar babies to expensive trips and shower them with luxurious gifts to the point of even gifting them cars and apartments.

The local NYC sugar dating culture isn’t usually serious and does not require serious commitments between these partners. They are with each other for only a limited period of time. Both parties are in it for the physical, emotional, and financial benefits.

They go their separate ways after a certain period of time, but we have also witnessed arrangements being honored for years in a row.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Your First Sugar Date

Sugar Daddy – Do’s

It is always important to let your Sugar baby know about your expectations from the start. You have to tell her about the amount of time you are interested in spending with her. It is always important to understand that all Sugar babies have their own lives out of this sugaring. Honesty and clarity are the key elements of an amazing sugar relationship.

Confiding in her about your expectations, will benefit you. It is always important to provide abundance to your Sugar baby, and you shouldn’t make her feel like she lacks something from this relationship. It really does not matter if it is the first date, go out of your way to impress her by treating her right and making her feel safe.

Sugar Daddy – Don’ts

It is well-known for Sugar babies to depend on you for everything. They expect benefits and other perks in life from you all the time; however, it should be made known that you can’t expect to do whatever you want with her without her permission or consent. She is a human being, after all, and has her own set of priorities and desires. It is also unprofessional and wrong to engage in intercourse on the very first date. You should treat her like a gentleman and avoid rushing things.

Sugar Baby – Do’s

As a Sugar baby, you have to be honest about your interests and preferences as well. It is always healthy to communicate with your daddy before you proceed to further arrangements. You can hold conversations with him to see if he meets your preference. Don’t just settle for any daddy that you meet but take time to observe and conclude. Always make sure to do a little background research on him before you sign up for a date.

You should peak his interests by talking about topics that are relevant to his work and interests. You should always act and dress classy and not trashy on your first date. You have to appear as an elegant woman that can hold productive conversations. Aside from that, make sure to have fun on your first date and put all the nerves away.

Sugar Baby – Don’ts

It is obvious that you will be receiving expensive gifts from your daddy almost all the time. But you shouldn’t make the move of asking him to buy you anything expensive after the first date. It will be disappointing to see you demand high-end brands for your wardrobe after your first date. It usually gives him the feeling that you are not making an effort to know him as a person. You should reflect effort towards him, which is always the key role in a long-lasting relationship.

Conversing in topics related to his interests will spark a better connection, and the relationship will grow better and healthier easily.

Read more about the important things that you should keep in mind on sugarlifestyleforum.

What do the Ladies in New York City Think of Sugar Dating?

Here are some of their personal statements on what these Sugar babies think about sugar dating and the stereotypes surrounding this lifestyle. They prefer remaining anonymous for privacy reasons.

Sugar Baby #1 – The Lifestyle isn’t about commodifying our bodies and portraying ourselves as a product. It is more of offering affection through companionship to our daddies. As a sugar baby, I get into a consensual relationship with my daddy in return for financial prosperity. It’s definitely not a one-night thing but more towards being a part-time girlfriend.

Sugar Baby #2 – Sugaring isn’t a profession, but it is definitely a lifestyle choice. A Sugar baby is someone who wants to be financially secured and attain the desires of her heart. In return, I just have to provide him company and attend exclusive dinner parties and trips. It is the golden ticket to an easy lifestyle for sure. We don’t want to be put in the same category as the prostitutes. They are paid in return for sexual favors, but sugar babies received funds for companionship.

Sugar Baby #3 – Ever since I have gotten into this lifestyle, I have made over $20,000 within a few months. In addition to that, I have gone on free expensive trips to places such as Australia, Bahamas, and France. I have also received free massages, luxurious brands of clothes and bags, Apple products, and Tickets to Broadway. I don’t regret this lifestyle one bit.

Sugar Baby #4 – I find it perfectly fine to offer my company to lonely men who can’t find a stable relationship due to time constraints or work commitments. There is a huge demand for sugar babies in the market. These men are ready to provide you with financial support, so why not satisfy the hungry market that is out there. The entire purpose of sugaring isn’t to have monetary gains for sex, but there are real raw actual emotions involved in this relationship.

Sugar Baby #5 – I have learned over the years of being in this profession is that you have to prepare yourself mentally before you get into it. You shouldn’t be discouraged by the age gap and how people react to it. You also have to make yourself attractive and best at all times for your daddy. But these aren’t the biggest factors at the end of the day. It all depends on your choices and the communication you have with him.

If you are interested in reading more about their experiences and confessions on the sugaring lifestyle, then you can always visit the NYU LOCAL and New York Post now.

What is a Good Allowance for a Sugar Baby Living in New York City?

How to get a gay sugar daddy in NYC

The core part of the allowance is determined by what you want or need from your daddy. Every sugar baby has different motivations and goals, so it is always advisable to know your priorities from the get-go. Another factor that determines the allowance of a sugar baby is the city that she lives in.

Most sugar babies receive between $1000 to $5000 a month from their sugar daddies. The average allowance is usually $3000 a month. But for a sugar baby that is living in a city like New York, the living expenses are extremely high and off the roof.

For a Sugar baby that is living in NYC, she can expect to receive or demand funds that are between $4000 – $8000 a month. You can also go for an allowance up to $10,000 a month, depending on the area you live in NYC.


Places such as Manhattan have sky-rocketing living expenses, and sugar babies from these areas tend to ask more funds from their daddies. The Sugar daddy NYC hype has been a hot topic for most sugar babies who go after these men due to their wealthy background.


How to Avoid Being Scammed by Salt Daddies and Salt Babies?

Things to look out for as a Sugar Baby to avoid being scammed by Salt Daddies include:

  • Firstly, you have to always remember not to accept money from strangers. It is the same cardinal rule you were taught as a kid, which is not to accept candies from strangers that you meet. It applies the same for adults, especially in sugar dating.
    There are many frauds and con artists out there who are posing or disguising as sugar daddies to scam and capitalize on sugar babies that are newbies. If someone out there is requesting your PayPal account out of the blue, then do the due diligence of blocking or reporting them.

  • Another important thing is to avoid having online arrangements. It isn’t very common for sugar daddies to gift and spoil their babies in an exclusive manner online. If you are in touch with a sugar daddy, who is only committed to contacting you virtually instead of physical contact, it is more likely that he is scamming and leading you without a doubt.
    The entire point of sugaring is to have a physical relationship and not to entertain a daddy that only wants to collect your pictures.

  • Thousands of sugar babies get duped on the regular by having sexual intercourse from the get-go and ending up without any payment. If you are asking money in return for sexual favors, then you are doing it wrong. That is the work of a prostitute as sugar babies are not sex workers. If your daddy tries to negotiate with you into it, then he is clearly looking for a prostitute.

Things to look out for as a Sugar Daddy to avoid being scammed by Salt Babies include:

  • Yes, it is known for sugar babies to want a little compensation during the initial meeting. It is not uncommon, but it is often a red flag. It is not often the case with young sugar babies from college who are just starting out. But most sugar babies want you to pay not for the date, but they expect to be compensated with huge funds as well. Most sugar daddies end up never hearing from them again. In this way, they end up getting scammed by the salted babies.

  • Another sign that you should look out for is to make sure that you don’t pay her in huge amounts. Sugar babies that ask for huge lumps of dough are only seeking trouble from you. Everything should be in moderation, and you should be smart enough to notice these things.

  • Profiles without any pictures or blank and very little bio is a potential fraudster. You have no idea who will turn up at the date. These profiles will target you for huge sums of money through virtual contact. They will request for online compensation in return for a date. They end up never showing up for the dates.

A List of the Top Five Hotels in NYC That Are Girl Friendly

girl friendly hotels in new york

Some of the guest friendly hotels that allow guests to stay over the night with luxurious services are:

  1. Best Western Premier Herald Square This amazing Manhattan hotel is located in 50 West 36th Street near Herald Square just within the 500 m of the area of Macy’s and the Empire State Building. It has free Wi-Fi and concierge services. There are in-room safe and a work desk with an en suite bathroom. They can always enjoy a hot delicious breakfast. It also offers a fitness and business center with an on-site cocktail bar. You can avail newspapers as well.

  2. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square South It is located in 338 West 36th Street, Hell’s Kitchen in New York. It has rooms that are air-conditioned with free Wi-Fi and a restaurant. It also has a fitness center with a front desk that is open 24 hours and an ATM. The hotel is very close to attractions such as New York Public Library, Bryant Park and the Empire State Building.

  3. Radisson Hotel New York Times Square The hotel is located in 525 8th avenue in the district of Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. All the rooms in the hotel come with a private bathroom, and they offer an American breakfast on the regular. It also comes with a business center for the convenience of the guests. Most couples rated the hotel with a rating of 9.1 for a trip that consists of two people.

  4. Courtyard by Marriott Times Square West It is located in 307 West 37th Street in the Hell’s Kitchen district of New York. It comes with a flat-screen television, a coffee machine as well as a work desk in each guest room. On-site fitness center, business center, and free Wi-Fi are all available. The Empire State Building and Central Park are 15 minutes and 10 minutes away, respectively. For a trip of two persons, it earned a rating of 9.3 and is sought out by many couples.

  5. Aliz Hotel Times Square The hotel is situated in 310 West 40th street, located in the district of Hell’s Kitchen in NYC. It comes with a two-storeyed rooftop bar, along with a lounge that has the perfect view of the Skyline of Manhattan. The hotel is in proximity to attractions such as Macy’s, Times Square, and the popular Madison Square Garden. A ton of amenities is available in every room.

The Local LGBTQ+ Community in Sugar Dating

how to find a gay sugar daddy in new york

Sugaring is also very open and present in the LGBTQ+ community for years now. Mike, who is 20 years old and a sugar baby for over three years, now shares his own experience that he had as a sugar baby. His former fiancé had bought him an apartment in the area of Manhattan. Mike does not have to worry about paying any more rent, as Big Apple is an expensive place in NYC. 

How to get a gay sugar daddy in NYC isn’t hard, as his story is quite an example.

He met his sugar daddy two years ago, and they have a special account for saving that is reserved and meant for property tax. The savings cover a span of the next five years from now. Mike describes their relationship as natural, and even though his daddy has a key to the house, he still phones him to come to see him.

Mike admits that his daddy is very private about the apartment to his friends and colleagues. He is scared to receive negative notions that are often misconceived about their relationship.

The sugar daddy always reassures him that he shouldn’t worry about the cost of living in Manhattan. He wants Mike to finish his career and to be more goal-oriented without worrying. Mike has received over an amount of $15,000 in covering his tuition fees during his last year in college from his daddy. 

He admits to joining the website as a joke but later on found it to be an easy way of living a comfortable life. He is yet to come across a Sugar Mommy, but he is open to the idea of it. He admits to being in a relationship with over six men; however, he has only been intimate with one of them. Most of his past partners all took the role of mentors, and he has grown a lot out of this relationship in all aspects.

Mike hopes to mentor young sugar babies someday.

How Much Does a Sugar Date Cost in New York City?

Manhattan sugar daddy

Sugar Babies usually tend to charge over a minimal $150 up till $1500 at most for pay per meet. Payment for food over breakfast, lunch, and dinner will add up as well.

If things take place in a bar, then you can expect to pay for the drinks as well. How much you usually spend on a single sugar date will depend on where you plan to take her.

Where to Go on a Sugar Date in NYC?

  1. You can take her to high-end malls like The Shops at Columbus CircleManhattan Mall, and Queens Center.
  2. Bars such as The Dead Rabbit Grocery and GrogNoMad bar, and Death & Company.
  3. Restaurants such as Le BernardinGramercy Tavern, and The Modern.
  4. Nightclubs such as 1 OAKDoha Nightclub NYC, and Marquee New York.

STD’s and HIV Rates

About 1.1 million people in the United States are diagnosed and living with HIV today, and one in seven of them don’t know about it. From recent reports conducted in the US, the list of people diagnosed with STDs is Gonorrhoea – 820,000, Chlamydia – 2.9 million, HPV – 14.1 million, Genital Herpes – 776,000, and Syphilis – 55,400. Read more on the current rates of STDs and HIV in the US through ASHA.

How to Get Around in New York

You can easily meet Sugar Daddies in NYC through Art Galleries, Country Clubs, High-End Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Museums, and Strip Clubs.

You can easily get around in NYC by Subways, Buses, Taxis, Rails, Ferries, Helicopter, and the most common one, which is walking as everything in NYC is accessible by foot.

You can also find Sugar daddy and baby events in New York through Eventbrite. 


The Lifestyle of Sugaring isn’t just about receiving and obtaining extravagant gifts. It is actually considered dating with practical applications attached to it. It is all about reciprocity between the sugar baby and sugar daddy. Sugaring is all about providing company to wealthy older men who don’t get to experience commitment with real-life partners due to busy schedules or other personal reasons.

This is all done in return for financial support and other benefits. Most people tend to categorize Sugaring with Prostitution, which is just wrong and uncalled for. There are tons of negative connotations attached to it, as most people don’t see the real beauty and meaning of sugaring.

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