Sugar Daddy in Los Angeles – The Complete LA Sugar Dating Guide

Sugaring in Los Angeles is incredibly prevalent, without a doubt. In a high-end city like LA, where all the glitz and glam take place, you would expect the Lifestyle to be extremely luxurious. The sugar dating scene in LA is also very open and appreciated by most people, who find the Lifestyle to be an easy route towards a better non-basic life.

Important note:

Sugar Daddy in Los Angeles – The Complete LA Sugar Dating Guide

Living expenses in LA are in the likes of expensive cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Boston, etc. It is very high and gets very difficult often for people, especially younger men and women attending colleges to sustain. There are a lot of wealthy men in LA who are funding college tuition and covering other needs for their sugar babies. Sugar daddies in LA mostly consist of ages between 30 till 60, and the sugar babies are often from the ages of 20 up till 40 at maximum.

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How to Find Sugar Babies in Los Angeles?

Finding a sugar baby in Los Angeles

When you are starting out new on your sugar dating lifestyle, you may face some issues finding a sugar baby in Los Angeles. But here are some pointers that can help you find one as to how to get a sugar baby in Los Angeles isn’t hard.

  • Sugar Dating Websites –  These websites are fast and get the job done easily. A Website that 99% of the people recommend is as it meets the interests of every individual. Finding a sugar baby in Los Angeles is a piece of cake with this website.
  • Tinder – Tinder and other dating apps are also another way to get the job done. They are extremely user-friendly. You can set your preferences and approach them directly about what you want instead of beating around the bush.
  • Craigslist – It is another important platform to locate sugar babies. You simply have to post an ad on what you are fishing for. You can include a message on your intentions behind this post, so you aren’t misunderstood.
  • Recommendation – If you have been in this Lifestyle for some time, then you can find sugar babies through a recommendation from your mutual friends. Certain people in your life may know about this and will pair you up with women who are open and willing to it. In this way, you can also expect to avoid being scammed by salt babies.
  • Freestyle Dating – If you aren’t into all these apps and websites, then you can always resort to freestyling. You can get used to the nightlife in LA and get girls through clubs, bars, restaurants, and parties as well.

The Top Places to Find Sugar Daddies in Los Angeles

The Top Places to Find Sugar Daddies in Los Angeles

Where to meet rich guys in Los Angeles is always the boiling question. Basically, you can locate sugar daddies anywhere in Los Angeles by being at home with the help of websites. You can also find them in your neighborhood, but here are some of the top places or neighborhoods, where they are mostly present.

How to get a sugar daddy in Los Angeles isn’t an issue, and you should check the places listed down below:

  1. West Hollywood – This Place is a trendy area prowling with nightlife with high energy. You can find a number of dance clubs, bars, music venues, and shops. Finding a sugar daddy in Los Angeles is very easy when you are in areas such as this.
  2. Hermosa Beach – This beachfront city located in LA is the hub for sugar daddies and sugar babies. You can find many yacht clubs, pubs, lounges, restaurants and more.
  3. Van Nuys – This populous neighborhood located in the region of Central San Francisco Valley in LA is home to many wealthy men.
  4. Sherman Oaks – Sherman Oaks is an expensive neighborhood that is filled with many people living the suburban comforts. It is home to many commercial strip clubs, gastropubs, bright brunches, cafes, and wine bars.
  5. Pacific Palisades – This affluent residential neighborhood consists of wealthy sugar daddies with major properties. It is located between the Pacific Ocean Temescal Gateway Park and the Santa Monica Mountains.
  6. Oakwood – Oakwood is another place in Los Angeles, where the sugar dating scene is very much active and open.
  7. Encino – This popular neighborhood situated within the region of San Fernando Valley in LA is home to many sugar daddies.
  8. Pasadena – This city is located in the northeast part of downtown LA. Known widely for its Art Deco and Victorian buildings, the sugaring scene is active in this area.
  9. Bel Air – This ritzy residential enclave located within the verdant foothills region of the Santa Monica mountains is a neighborhood that has many luxurious hideaways.
  10. Porter Ranch – The area of Porter Ranch is a mobile place of Sugaring. It is situated in the northwest region within the region of San Fernando Valley in LA.

You can get more out of the places in LA.

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The Local Dating Culture in Los Angeles

The dating life can be a little frustrating in Los Angeles. The Incompatible schedules and the traffic can be a pain the butt for a lot of people. Location is a major determining factor that is a part of the local dating culture in LA. You can’t be living in Santa Monica and pursue or swipe on a profile from Highland Park.

When the location is very far off, commuting to your dates can be very annoying. There isn’t anything wrong with pursuing someone from a far off neighborhood, but the dating culture in LA is usually normalized based on how close the proximity is.

Making more friends and dating mutual friends is another way of the local dating culture. There are people that prefer meeting up in crowded bars, while some prefer cafes and restaurants. Nowadays, 90% of the population resort to dating by meeting on websites and apps. Things usually proceed from there and end up meeting in person.

Dating apps such as Tinder, POF, Bumble, Grindr, Skout, etc. are the new normal. Another majority of people meet up through Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, and other social utilities.

In Los Angeles, a lot of the people are either in the showbiz industry or the field of entrepreneurship. It is very common for other people to recognize your friends and acquaintances as the city is just too familiar with the people living there. Dating in LA isn’t just based on Zip codes as well. You get to meet new people every day through the energetic nightlife present out there.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Your First Sugar Date

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Do’s for Sugar Daddies – The first thing is to be clear about your expectations from the get-go. Sugar babies lead a double life, and so you should let her know about the amount of time you want with her as she has her own life too. Be honest about your needs, and she will build her trust around you easily.

Always be prepared to shower her with gifts and avoid making her feel like she isn’t getting enough out of this relationship. You can pull a smart card from the very first date and treat her with gifts and by going to an expensive restaurant.

Don’ts for Sugar Daddies – Yes, sugar babies depend fully on you for everything; however, this does not give you the consent to do whatever you want with her. Just like any other human being, sugar babies have their own priorities out of this relationship, and you shouldn’t force her to do anything.

Another important to remember is to abstain from having physical intimacy on the very first meet as it leaves a very bad impression. Sugar babies aren’t sex workers who engage in sex from the get-go and leave. You should treat her delicately and respectfully to earn her trust.

Do’s for Sugar Babies – The first thing is to observe your sugar daddy see if he is trustworthy and of your preference. You shouldn’t just get on with someone from the start without being sure about things first. Always let your daddy know about your interests and expectations from the start.

You should start conversations that are relevant to his work and interests as it will reflect your interests towards him. Keep him interested by having productive conversations and dressing up elegantly from the very first date.

Don’ts for Sugar Babies – Don’t make a habit of asking him expensive gifts all the time. Yes, your daddy will shower you with gifts, but your constant requests for gifts will give him the wrong impression. He will feel emotionally out of place and invalidated at all times. And most importantly, it is advisable is not to do this after the first initial meeting.

You should put in the effort to know him and validate his emotions, which is the base for a strong, lasting relationship.

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What Do the Ladies in Los Angeles Think of Sugar Dating?

How to get a sugar daddy in Los Angeles

The Sugar Baby Summit was held in downtown LA, where no sugar daddies are allowed at this event. There are over 75 sugar babies at this event bonding over good food and wine, and here are some of their thoughts on the life of Sugaring in the City of Angels. They want their identity to remain anonymous for the following confessions.

Sugar Baby #1 – Sugar babies don’t get paid, but they receive gifts instead. We don’t sell our bodies for cash as sex workers do. We offer companionship to older men who are either single or married and who lacks the emotional validation from their wives. We do it in return for monetary support and gifts. It is a give and takes relationship in a respectful environment.

Sugar Baby #2 – I do enjoy this Lifestyle, but I don’t let it get to the point that it becomes my only source of income. If I allow that to happen, then I will be compromising my integrity of what I am comfortable paying for myself, and I never want to be in that position. I only let it consume a certain part of my life; that’s all.

Sugar Baby #3 – Some sugar babies go on several dates without having any expectations of being compensated, and there are also other sugar babies that won’t even make the effort of meeting over coffee without any prior compensation. Some sugar babies charge on an hourly basis, while some stick with a monthly allowance. There are also some sugar babies who only care about the gifts without any concrete agreements. Gifts can be in the form of branded clothes, shoes, bags, cars, fancy dinners, vacations, and even apartments.

Sugar Baby #4 – I have multiple sugar daddies, and they all pamper me all the time. I get about $1500 each month from one of my daddies. Another daddy pays me over $700 for every visit. I see them over twice or thrice a month. The third sugar daddy is very generous and pays me over $2000 monthly and sees me twice a week. I have an income of over $5000 every month now. I work to self-promote, and I frequently message newer daddies during my free time. I work full time, and I do consider this as my main income.

Sugar Baby #5 – I wholeheartedly believe that there is a big misconception surrounding the Lifestyle of sugar dating. I don’t agree with people categorizing Sugaring and prostitution as the same thing because it’s clearly not. A Sugar daddy is willing and financially endowed to support and spoil his woman, and he is just older than an average boyfriend. I don’t see any shame in being considered a bimbo. I think a bimbo is a free, enthusiastic, scintillating, beautiful, happy, boisterous young woman. I don’t want to be normal; I don’t want to be basic.

Read more on the personal experiences shared by sugar babies on Business Insider. 

What is a Good Allowance for a Sugar Baby from Los Angeles?

In a city like Los Angeles, the allowances are often high to meet and keep up with the Lifestyle of the City of Los Angeles. A Good allowance for sugar babies should be around $3000 – $4000 on a monthly basis. The lowest can be around $1500 – $2000 per month. Sometimes top sugar babies or wealthy men, depending on the situation, can amount to higher allowances. At most, $6000 – $10,000 is a super great allowance and is more than enough for these sugar babies. Read more on Sugar Daddy Capital in Los Angeles.

How to Avoid Being Scammed by Salt Daddies and Salt Babies?

Escaping Salt Daddies:

  • As a sugar baby, you have to remember to stay away from strangers that request you for your bank account or PayPal details. This is usually a major red flag for sugar babies as there are a lot of frauds and scammers out there. You will be expecting showers of cash flow on your account, but in return, you will end up getting robbed by them. You have to get to know your sugar daddy before you jump into any concrete agreements or give out any personal details about yourself. Always make sure to report these accounts as 95% of the time, they are con-artists waiting on every chance to capitalize off of their victims.
  • There are sugar daddies out there who aren’t actually who they say they are. If you come across any daddies that strictly prefer virtual arrangements and contacts, then it is probably a scammer or someone who is leading you on. Sugaring involves a physical face to face relationship and not a relationship that consists of texts, calls, and mails. Sugar Dating in Los Angeles is easier when things are transparent.
  • Don’t indulge in any sexual intimacy or physical contact at your first initial meeting. There are men out there who will sleep with you and trick you after that. If your sugar daddy wants to have sexual intercourse with you from the first date, then it is a complete red flag. Sugar babies often get tricked by these men by sleeping with them and ghosting them without any funds. Sugar babies should be very observant and alert.

Escaping Salt Babies:

  • If your sugar baby wants to be compensated and showered with tons of expensive gifts from the start, then you should cut all ties off immediately. Yes, Sugaring does involve funding and gifts, but not on the very first meet. It can happen genuinely with college sugar babies who are struggling; however, the majority of the time, salt babies use this tactic to trick older men. These men end up never hearing from their sugar babies at all after the meet.
  • Avoid paying or funding your sugar baby with huge amounts of money. If your sugar baby wants to be funded with large sums of money all the time, then it is all trouble for you. There is definitely trouble in paradise as she is only in for the money and does not care about your emotional validation at all. Always try to identify these characteristics from your sugar dates as it will save you a lot of trouble from leeching.
  • If you come across blank profiles or just profiles that are just too good to be true, then it probably is. It’s a huge warning sign on not to link up with these profiles. You can arrange the dates, but you never know who will end up coming to the date. These scammers will always ask you to compensate them online and end up never meeting you. A lot of sugar daddies have been victims of these scammers in the past and still continues to happen.

Some of the Top Five Girl Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Girl Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Some of the finest and the most luxurious guest friendly hotels in LA are listed below:

  1. Horizon Beachside Lodging This top-notch hotel is located at 22 Horizon Avenue in Venice Beach. Their accommodation provides free private parking and Wi-Fi as well. Almost all the guest rooms have private bathrooms fitted in them. The sandy beached, and the sunshine fits the mood so well. For a two-person trip, it received a rating of 9.6.
  2. Desert Heaven It is located in 11769 Canton PI, Studio City in LA. The hotel is about 6 km away from attractions such as Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Dolby Theater. All rooms come with flat-screen television and private bathrooms that consist of a bath. For a two-person trip, it received a rating of 9.5.
  3. La Pensiontel This hotel is situated at 1038 Dewey Avenue in LA. The hotel accommodates facilities such as barbecuing, private parking for free, care hiring for guests, air conditioner, wardrobe, a hot tub, laundry services, business facilities, and lots more. It was rated as 8.2 for two persons’ stay.
  4. Beverly Hills Private Bungalow This place is located in 324 South Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, LA. The Bungalow accommodates free Wi-Fi, free private parking, a Garden, a kitchenette, private bathrooms, and various other facilities. There is also a terrace for guests, and a patio with garden scenery is available for every room. It received a rating of 9.8 for a couple of vacations.
  5. Comfortable Luxury Studio The place is located in 10107 White Oak Avenue in LA. This top-notch luxury studio accommodates free biking, private parking, outdoor swimming pool, and a beautiful garden. It comes with an array of amenities, and you can have continental breakfast and barbecue as well. It received a rating of 8.8 for couples’ trip.

The Local LGBTQ+ in the Sugar Dating Community

how to find a gay sugar daddy in new york

A lot of young men and women are openly sugar babies, and they proudly own this Lifestyle. There are many wealthy older men out there that fund and spoil young gay men and transwomen in return for emotional and physical companionship. In a city like Los Angeles, it is very common for young gay men to seek that Lifestyle to support their needs and wants.

They do it for varying reasons; some want to cover their college tuition and pay bills, and there are some who just want to live the bougie lifestyle and travel the world. A lot of sugar daddies also pay for surgeries for their sugar babies, who want to enhance their looks or for gender reassignment surgeries. Sugaring is just as present in the LGBTQ+ community as it is in the heterosexual community.

With LA, being one of the most famous and expensive cities in the world, Sugar dating is actually very normalized out there.

How Much Does a Sugar Date in Los Angeles Cost?

Most Sugar Dates can charge over $150 to $300 for a single date. You can also expect for sugar babies to even charge over $500 for a date. That, combined with the expensive restaurants in Los Angeles, can amount to more expenses. The nightlife is very much alive, and so you can expect to splurge out over $500 to $1000 for a Sugar Date in the City of Angels.

Where to Go on a Sugar Date in Los Angeles?

You can go to a multitude of places on your first or second sugar dates. Some of the best places to go on your first sugar date in LA would be 71Above, Sunset Helicopter Ride, DTox Spa, Gondola Ride, La Boucherie, etc. This might sound corny, but a romantic walk on the beach is also a very good idea to impress your sugar baby. Visitations to restaurants and dining out is an important part of the sugaring lifestyle.

Plus, sugar daddy bars in Los Angeles are also available. If you are interested in a dining guide with your sugar baby, then you should read this from Vice.

You can visit high-end malls such as The GroveWestfield Fashion Square, and Northridge Fashion Center. Bars such as Good Times at Davey Wayne’sSeven Grand, and The Edison. Restaurants such as Sonoma Wine GardenOpen Sesame, and Bestia. Nightclubs such as Sound NightclubPlayhouse Hollywood, and Exchange LA.

STDs and HIV

As per the statistics of 2016, the rate of STDs in Los Angeles is Chlamydia, with over 504.4 per population of 100,000, Gonorrhoea with over 164.3 per population of 100,000, and Early Syphilis with over 28.5 per population of 100,000. There are about 51,438 people in Los Angeles that are living with HIV as of December 31st, 2017. About 1.1 million people in the United States are diagnosed and living with HIV. Visit ASHA for a more in-depth view of the current statistics.

How to Get Around in Los Angeles

You can easily get around in Los Angeles by metro buses, metro rail, DASH Buses, and also by planes, cars, and trains. It is always advisable to own a car in LA if you can afford it because of how spread out the city is. Public transportation is always the best way to access anything in Los Angeles.  Sugar daddy and baby events in Los Angeles are also held from time to time, which makes it even easier to get around.  


The Lifestyle of sugar dating is often seen as morally degrading by society. But we have to understand that it isn’t the same as a sex worker. In fact, it is actually very different in comparison to prostitution. Both Sugar babies and Sugar daddies benefit from this relationship.

It is all about gifts, funding, and expensive vacations around the world for emotional companionship. Sexual intimacy is secondary in Sugaring. It isn’t necessary for the most part, and most sugar babies don’t get into it. As times have passed, the Sugaring lifestyle has grown so much.



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