Sugar Daddy Edmonton – Full Guide On Sugar Dating in Edmonton

For many years, sugar dating was a tacit relationship that involved fake feelings and money – it was quite obvious to lots of people, but no one really talked about it. Couples involved in sugar dating were usually aware of it, but they never really made arrangements.

These days, finding a sugar daddy Edmonton is different. The topic is no longer taboo and it involves specific arrangements.

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Sugar Daddy in Edmonton

Edmonton is one of the most open minded places in the world when it comes to sugar dating. Not only is it extremely common for young female students and rich men who do not have time for a serious relationship, but there are also all kinds of sugar daddy and baby events in Edmonton to get all these people together.

Finding someone to sponsor you or finding a hot babe for a professional girlfriend experience has never been easier. Furthermore, this venture is not all about money. Partners these days want to get to know each other better and get along like a couple of friends – lots of benefits included for both sides in the partnership though.

Now, what else do you need to know about sugar dating? What does it take to be in the perfect sugar relationship?

How to find sugar babies in Edmonton

how to get a sugar baby in Edmonton

Learning how to get a sugar baby in Edmonton is relatively simple. The difference between Edmonton (or Canada in general) and other parts of the world is the fact that people are more open minded and straightforward.

You can see sugar relationships everywhere you go, from developed to developing countries. However, Canadians are more straightforward and will discuss terms like they discuss business.

You can attend specific sugar daddy and baby events in Edmonton, but you can also hang around the hottest places in the city to meet girls. Some clubs are full of youngsters and many of them bring in a plethora of sugar babies as well. However, it might be wiser to find a club more specific for older men.

You are more likely to find a sugar baby in such a place. It is worth noting that doing it in real life will take time – you might struggle for a while.

The best way to find sugar babies is through specific dating websites. For example, brings in young females interested in older males and vice versa. When the arrangement is partially done, you have to work less to find the perfect partner.

Click here to sign up for free and start browsing. Once in there, you know that most women are alright with a sugar relationship, so you get to skip the hardest part of the search – telling hot babes that you are only interested in sugar dating, rather than an actual relationship.

Why sugar dating is so popular in Edmonton?

There are a few hot spot cities in Canada for sugar relationship and Edmonton is one of the primary choices for both babies and daddies. Learning how to get a sugar daddy in Edmonton or becoming one is fairly simple because there is a specific market for it.


Edmonton is one of the most expensive cities in Canada. Sugar dating works well everywhere – girls love to be spoiled and older men love fresh meat. Why is it special in Edmonton then? The city is expensive and life can be challenging for a young individual without a great job and working experience.

Unless they were born in Edmonton and still living with parents, most youngsters and their families will struggle to keep up. As a student, rent can be a challenge, so lots of students gather together and rent larger apartments or houses to share.

As a young student, you also want to hang out, go out and socialize with friends, which means even more expenses and the social life in Edmonton can get quite expensive. Pretty much everything will have young students reflect on their budgets.

However, it is not just a student from another part of Canada or the world who might struggle. Local youngsters who want to live on their own will also need a good budget. Again, the lack of a good job can raise a series of challenges.

As if all these were not enough, imagine being spoiled and getting money on a monthly basis for a good girlfriend experience. If you are not involved in a serious relationship or you enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, why would you refuse it?

In 90% of all cases, finding a sugar daddy in Edmonton is a necessity. In the other 10% of all cases, it is all about a luxurious lifestyle with gifts, dinners in fancy restaurants and expensive cars by the doorstep.

For these reasons, lots of college girls choose to go into sugar dating and actually succeed. On the same note, there are plenty of rich daddies out there who are too busy to work and make money to have a serious relationship. Everybody wins.

Top places to find sugar daddies in Edmonton

If you think sugar dating is like regular dating, you are wrong. Sure, you can find a sugar daddy/baby in a bar or a restaurant, but lots of men will want a different approach. Sure, you can find older rich men looking for hot babes, but not necessarily for sugar dating. A casual one night stand will be more suitable for them, so you risk getting a bit of fun, but without the excitement of gifts and allowances.

Instead, you will find it easier to find and attend sugar daddy and baby events in Edmonton. There are specific events held on a regular basis – they put people interested in the same things together. It is easy, convenient and you have to skip the annoying introduction. Everyone wants the exact same thing – easy job.

Then, the online market is even better. Find a sugar dating website and you will know for a fact that most men there are interested in Sugar Dating Edmonton. Just be careful and remember – safety comes first.

When it comes to real life, getting to a sugar daddy in Edmonton is not that difficult, especially if you hang around the best places at the best times. Upscale stores and malls represent a good starting point. Rich men afford shopping when everyone else works, so you can go to malls during weekdays and before 4PM. There will be lots of married men or men interested in one night stands only though.

Keep in mind that everything is about the location. The richer and fancier the area, the better. Look for affluent job markets, financial districts and fancy neighborhoods.

Ps. – Click here to read more about meeting sugar daddies that only want to talk. Perfect for the sugar babies that are not interesting in meeting their sugar daddies or having a sexual relationship with then. 

Local dating culture

The local dating culture in Edmonton is classic and open minded. The sexual orientation is irrelevant, whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, casual sex or sugar dating. There are no secrets to know or be aware of – the dating scene is similar to the scene in any other developed country.

A first date will often involve a drink in a nice lounge or dinner in a restaurant. Small activities can be included as well, such as walking in a park or a beautiful district and getting to know each other better. While the man is expected to pay for the date, independent women will want to share bills.

When it comes to sugar dating, it is all up to the man. The daddy chooses the restaurant – you are more likely to go for dinner than just drinks, but he will also pay for everything else. Transportation is often included as well. The date location should be above average – quite luxurious.

Sex may be an option after a first date, but it depends on more factors. It is up to you to observe the direction of your date. Whether you are sugar dating or simply meeting a stranger in a nightclub, you can decide yourself whether your date goes in the right direction.

The do’s and don’ts on your first sugar date

There are a few rules that apply specifically to a sugar daddy Edmonton – such as paying for everything, from the actual transportation to dinner. At the same time, a sugar daddy is supposed to lead the date, choose the place and so on. Sugar babies must impress with other things, such as their beauty, open minded profile and even their brains.

After all, a sugar daddy is after a girlfriend experience. If he wanted sex only, he could have hired an escort.

When it comes to more general do’s and don’ts, make sure you have fun. The first date is about getting to know each other before deciding whether or not you can have an arrangement. Focus on fun and if it does not work out, at least you are dined and wined.

When getting to know each other, you should know your stuff, as well as your partner’s stuff. Sugar babies should do a bit of research about their partners and industries, but they should also have some goals to talk about. This is the aspect that determines whether or not this relationship will go on.

Other than that, dress to impress. Sugar babies want to be eye candy. Sugar daddies want to show their financial possibilities. Elegance is essential, but avoid flashy elements.

Most importantly, avoid discussing money on the first date. Money is irrelevant if you two are not on the same page. The allowance will have to be discussed at some point or another, but do not do it over the first date. This is your opportunity to know your partner and make the best impression.

What is a good allowance for a sugar baby from Edmonton?

sugar dating edmonton

Different people have different financial needs and expectations. Finding a sugar daddy Edmonton implies finding someone who can manage all your needs.

A decent allowance in Canada will be around $2,500 a month. It is more than enough for rental costs and other expenses, but also for some nice gifts. However, Edmonton is one of the best hot spots for finding a sugar daddy in Edmonton or becoming one, not to mention the higher expenses.

In Edmonton, the allowance can easily go up to over $3,000. Since many sugar babies are college students, the allowance goes up on a regular basis – along with university fees.

Then, you have to ask yourself – how lucky are you? Some sugar babies are luckier than others. You might hit the jackpot – meet a millionaire who is not too worried about spending thousands every month to dine and wine with you, buy you gifts and spoil you.

What you are willing to do will affect the allowance too. If you are up for sex on a regular basis, your allowance will obviously be higher.

If a sugar daddy only wants a partner for dinners and events, your allowance will be lower.

How to avoid begin scammed by salt daddies and salt babies?

Salt babies and daddies are everywhere. Every type of industry has some dangers and these people represent the danger of sugar dating. It is not a physical danger, but getting scammed could cause serious discomfort.

You can look up his name and find out more about his work domain and financial situation, but being rich does not necessarily mean generous.

If you drive your own car to the date, ask him to pay for parking. Be polite about it. If he hands you the bare minimum, he is cheap. If he gives you way more than what you need, it might be a good sign. Is he paying attention to your needs during your first date? Is he leaving a generous tip? Is he really cheap about what he orders? How about the restaurant you are going to?

Other small details involve the actual conversation. Some men pretend to be rich or have sugar daddy material only to get into their partners’ pants faster. After all, who would not want to have sex with someone two times younger? If he keeps talking about how rich he is, it may not be a good sign. If he asks for sex after the first date, that is a terrible sign as well.

On the other hand, sugar daddies must pay attention to potential salt babies too. If she discusses finances and allowances during the first date, she may not be what you want. While you will get some eye candy and maybe sex, you will not get an authentic girlfriend experience. Be cautious about girls who only complain about how hard their lives are or those with “ill” relatives.

Top 5 girl friendly hotels in Edmonton

At some point, both of you will want some privacy and intimacy. Here are some of the top rated girl friendly hotels in Edmonton – excellent for sugar dating due to the feeling of luxury and style.

Varscona Hotel on Whyte feels intimate due to its location – a few miles from the city center. It features wine tasting, a fitness center and a breakfast buffet. It has the atmosphere of a boutique hotel. DoubleTree by Hilton is different – flashy and luxurious, but good value for money. It also brings in a bar, television and luxurious bathrooms.

Rated at four stars, Matrix Hotel and Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel by APA are similar from some points of view. They feature great locations in the city center, but they are also different in the atmosphere – the former is a boutique option, while the second brings in a flashy experience.

Last, but not least, do not overlook Metterra Hotel on Whyte – spacious rooms, spa baths, television, Internet and differently decorated rooms. It is a boutique style hotel, but it brings in luxurious facilities that no sugar baby can resist.

What about the local LGBT sugar dating community?

It is not difficult to figure it out. Over 90% of all sugar babies are young college females. On the same note, most sugar daddies are men looking for young babes. What happens with the LGBT community then?

There are two good news. First, Canada is open minded and supports same sex relationships, so there is nothing to be worried about. There is no need to hide either – there are plenty of gay couples everywhere you look.

The other good news is that plenty of sugar babies and daddies look for gay partners. There are more straight couples out there, indeed, but there are lots of options for the LGBT community as well.

Whether you go online or you want to get yourself a hot baby, hang around events or sugar dating areas and make sure you are straightforward – you will have no issues finding a good partner.

How much does a sugar date in Edmonton cost?

There are many aspects to take in consideration when learning how to find a sugar baby in Edmonton. Are you going to have sex? Will you take the hotel in consideration? Generally speaking, a date involves dinner, drinks, parking and transportation. How much do you need to pay for it?

The restaurant should be way above average – not the most luxurious one in the city, but something fancy. Taxi for a few miles, a bottle of decent wine and a meal for two will cost anywhere between $100 and $150. It depends on the place you choose. The price involves a relatively expensive bottle.

The more things you bring in, the more your date will cost. If you want to see a movie, the price tag is higher. The hotel for sex also adds to it. But generally speaking, a classic sugar date for two will involve talking. You two must get along and get to know each other better, so you need communication. Therefore, leave the movie out.

The price can be way smaller, but sugar babies expect to be spoiled, so the daddy has to impress. At the same time, you can also blow more money for fancier restaurants and more expensive drinks

Where to go on a sugar date in Edmonton?

Looking for a fancy restaurant for your sugar date? Corso 32 is one of the fanciest spots in Edmonton. The Italian restaurant has a warm atmosphere and a comprehensive menu. The Marc is a French bistro with quality drinks and great dishes, while Chop Steakhouse is a must for avid meat eaters.

When it comes to bars and lounges for some drinks or perhaps some light snacks, Devlin’s Cocktail Loungeis ideal for its intimate and dark atmosphere. Halo, on the other hand, is more upscale and sophisticated. It feels elegant and luxurious. Finally, do not overlook Confederation Lounge either. It usually attracts well-dressed clients and features a huge selection of fancy drinks.

Looking for some fun at night? A bit of alcohol and a loosened atmosphere may help you and your date relax and perhaps get invited to their place. Bar Clementine brings in a French atmosphere and a fancy décor. It is a bar during the day and turns into a club at night. El Cortez is more relaxed and ideal for tequila drinkers, yet the menu is quite diversified. Party nights in this place are legendary. Last, but not least, you will love The Funky Buddha. Forget about fancy décors and go a bit wild on the packed dance floor.

While shopping is not a good idea on a first date, it makes a good option later on, as your relationship develops. Some of the best malls in Edmonton include South Edmonton Common, Southgate Centre and West Edmonton Mall – the largest shopping mall in North America.

STDs and HIV

A sugar daddy or baby can easily rotate more partners at the same time, not to mention swapping relationships on a regular basis. The same rule applies to sugar babies, so chances are both partners have lots of experience. On the same note, most of these relationships also involve sex.

Syphilis and gonorrhea are some of the most popular STDs in Edmonton. There are about 110 gonorrhea and 12 syphilis patients for every 100,000 people. While easier to treat, chlamydia has a higher incidence – over 400 for 100,000 people.

On a more positive note, HIV cases are stable in the entire province and not just in Edmonton. Cases keep dropping and go around 275 patients for every 100,000 people.

It seems STD rates go higher with every new year and not just in Edmonton, but all around the civilized world. It is a direct consequence of social media applications, which involve casual hookups and anonymous sex.

How to get around in Edmonton

Transportation in Edmonton is simple and straightforward. Even if you visit as a tourist or you have just moved to Edmonton, you should have no problems working your way around.

Public transportation is quite fast and there are lots of stops around the city. You can use a bus or get a train.

Taxis are extremely diversified. There are lots of companies to choose from. Just like in every other big city, there are rush hour times when traffic can be slow. The same goes, if you choose to rent or use your own car. Parking costs around nice locations can be expensive though, not to mention the limited availability.

Bikes might be better over short distances – but not when you go pick a sugar baby. There are over 125 miles of bike lanes to use. You can find pedestrian maps too – both above and blow ground, while the scooter sharing system is excellent for short distances.

Edmonton has its own airport, so getting to and from Edmonton from other big cities or countries should be relatively simple. It is well linked to the rest of the world.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, it makes no difference if you are a sugar daddy in Edmonton looking for a hot model in her early 20s or you are a good looking babe trying to get spoiled and showered with gifts. There is someone for everyone out there and your options are well diversified. Sugar dating is extremely common in Edmonton, especially with so many rich singles and a few universities that bring in thousands of students from all over the world.

If you are used to sugar dating in other parts of the world, you will notice it is considerably easier in Edmonton – and generally, in Canada. Sugar dating is no longer a taboo topic and people hang around with way older or younger partners without drawing any attention.


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