20 Best Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners

Are you young, hot, and looking to capitalize on your good looks with older men? Trying sugar dating can be a rewarding experience and a great way to get the most out of a relationship with a significant other. How do you start with sugar dating? Is it worth the hassle? Is it dangerous?

Sugar dating might seem intimidating at first. We get it; you’re unsure about whether it’s the right choice for you. Take a look around a sugar dating site, and you’ll get a better idea of how the whole thing works.

Important note:

The reality is that sugar dating is a great way to meet mature men that are willing to invest both their time and money into you. It’s all about finding the right guy for you. Sugar dating is just like regular dating, but with a financial incentive.

Before you log onto SugarDaddyMeet.com to find your sugar daddy, read through these 20 tips for new sugar babies.


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20 Best Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners

#1 What Do You Want Out Of Your Relationship with a Sugar Daddy?

Of course, we know that every sugar baby’s goal is a financial incentive. Maybe you want to eliminate your student debt? Perhaps you want a new car or an apartment?

Whatever the reason, you can’t step to your sugar daddy and ask them for straight-up cash; that would be discourteous, disrespectful, and somewhat illegal.

You’re a sugar baby, not a prostitute. Approaching your sugar day with an “investment prospectus” into your life is a much smoother move, and they’ll appreciate your request.

Know what you want, and have a figure in mind before you start searching for your sugar daddy online.

#2 Set Yourself a Realistic Goal

Sure, we all have that dream of a sugar daddy whisking up away to an exotic location on their private plane, showering us with expensive jewelry and gifts. The reality is that this doesn’t happen very often.

We’re not saying it’s not possible, but it’s not commonplace. You need to set realistic expectations before you start, or you might end up disappointed with your new sugar baby lifestyle.

Write down your financial expectations. How much do you need each week? Calculate a high and low figure, and set your worth. Check out the investments other sugar babies are receiving on sites like SugarDaddyMeet.com.

It’s important to know what the market is willing to pay for sugar services. Know your limits and your worth, and adjust your expectations to avoid disappointment.

#3 Invest in Yourself

A sugar daddy is looking for a young, hot, and sexy girl. So, you’ll need to invest in your looks if you want to land the best catch. If your profile looks like you just got out of bed, you can’t expect to impress anybody.

Apply for a credit card, so many banks are handing them out right now. Visit the salon and the beautician for your hair, nail, and skin treatments. Get a professional makeup artist to complete your look, and then head to the photo booth.

Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you after your makeup session, and use those pics for your profile. Don’t worry about racking up the charges; your sugar daddy will be footing the bill in a week or two.

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#4 Understand What Your Sugar Daddy Wants

Most sugar daddys are in it for the sex. They’re older men looking to get with younger women. Having a sugar baby on their arm makes them feel powerful and virile.

However, some sugar daddys aren’t interested in sex; they might be looking for companionship or an escort to accompany them to special events.

You need to decide on the services you’re willing to provide to your sugar daddy and match those with the perfect partner.

#5 Settle Your Arrangement Beforehand

Before you ever meet with your sugar daddy, you need to settle on terms around your relationship. As mentioned, this isn’t prostitution. You’re not a hooker in a brothel or standing on a street corner.

You’re simply looking to spend your time with a man that knows what you’re worth. You have the option of ending the arrangement at any time.

Therefore, make sure your sugar daddy has a proper understanding of what to expect from your relationship before you meet.

#6 Work on Your Attitude

While it’s important to establish ground rules, your relationship with your sugar daddy isn’t completely set in stone. Keep things flexible and casual, with no strings attached.

Your sugar daddy wants things to feel just like any other casual dating relationship, so don’t get possessive or think you can start emotionally manipulating your sugar daddy.

#7 Keep Things Discreet

Never put your sugar daddy on blast over social. Chances are they want your relationship to be discreet and private – they might even have a wife or a serious girlfriend at home.

Your role as a sugar baby is to remain impartial and non-judgmental. Don’t post pics of you and your sugar daddy on your Instagram; they probably won’t appreciate it.

#8 Don’t Worry About What Other People Say

Are your parents or friends giving you a tongue whipping about your sugar baby lifestyle? That’s okay; see what they say when your student loan is gone.

Your critics will probably be slaving for minimum wage at McDonald’s 20-years from now to pay off their debt. Don’t listen to other people; chances are they’re just jealous of your success.

#9 Take Charge and Be Assertive

Visit a website like SugarDaddyMeet.com and review the profiles of sugar daddies in your area. Don’t settle on the first guy you find. Take time to review the men that reach out to you, and pick the right sugar daddy to suit your needs.

#10 Know What You Want

Know what you want before you get into your relationship with your sugar daddy. Don’t let them pressure you into any situation where you’re not comfortable with the outcome.

#11 Stay Patient

Be willing to go on a few dates to find the right sugar daddy. You might come across a profile on SugarDaddyMeet that looks fantastic, but it turns out to be a nightmare in real life.

That’s okay; you always have the option of walking away and finding another sugar daddy. In reality, being a sugar baby is just like real dating; you don’t have to put up with anyone you don’t like.

#12 Set Your Boundaries

Some sugar daddy’s that are new to the scene might have the impression that a sugar baby is nothing more than a prostitute, and they have total command over you because of the financial incentive involved.

We assure you that that’s not the case. If your sugar daddy treats you abusively, nothing is stopping you from reporting them to the authorities.

Your sugar daddy needs to understand your boundaries before you get involved on a date. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Nothing is stopping you from standing up in the middle of a date and walking out on them if you feel like it.

#13 Trusting too soon

If you are getting involved in a sexual relationship with your sugar daddy, that’s your decision. However, it’s a smart idea for both of you to take the right precautions before you get into bed.

Make sure you know each other’s status. He might seem like a rich, handsome, and successful guy, but the last thing you want is a case of HPV popping up a few weeks after your first date.

However, it’s challenging to be sure that your sugar daddy is telling the truth, and it’s not like you can ask them to show you testing results; they’ll probably laugh at you.

Ensure you have safe sex with your sugar daddy, and protect yourself from any surprises while you learn to trust each other.

#14 Prioritize Your Safety

When you meet with your sugar daddy for your first date, make sure it’s somewhere public. They might seem like a handsome and respectful guy, but you never know what they’re thinking.

A sugar daddy inviting you over to their place for the first date is a bit of a red flag. Rather look into neutral options like coffee shops and restaurants.

You’ll soon figure out the personality of your sugar daddy and if you can trust them enough to take your relationship to the next level.

#15 Keep Things Fresh

Your sugar daddy will likely want to keep your relationship going for a few months. So, it would help if you found ways to keep things fresh between you.

Just like any other relationship, it’s going to take some work. You can’t expect your sugar daddy to treat you like a goddess and worship the ground you walk on every time you meet.

You’ll need to prioritize his needs as much as your won if you want the relationship to work. Sugar dating is just like real dating – it requires input from both parties involved, or it will fall apart.

#16 You Can Always Call It Off

If you’re with your sugar daddy for a few weeks or months, and the dynamic of your relationship starts to change, you can always walk away whenever you want.

If you feel like you’re not getting what you want out of the relationship, log on and start looking for a new sugar daddy – it’s as simple as that.

Why put up with a situation you can’t stand when you have dozens of other potential good choices waiting for you online?

#17 Don’t Get Attached

One of the biggest mistakes new sugar babies make is getting attached to their sugar daddy. While sugar dating is similar to real dating, sugar daddy’s typically don’t want emotional strings attached to the relationship.

If you start getting clingy, it can be a real turn-off for the sugar daddy. Just like you can walk away at any stage, so can your sugar daddy – they also have plenty of options for sugar babies on SugarDaddyMeet.com.

So, make sure you keep things light and fun at all times. Think of your sugar daddy as a friend, not as a potential husband.

We’re not saying that there aren’t sugar daddies out there looking for life partners, but they are few and far between.

If a committed relationship is something you want from your sugar daddy, that’s not a problem. However, make sure you specify that in your pre-meeting or profile before showing up for your first sugar date.

#18 Marketing Yourself On Social Media

A sugar daddy likes to know that they have a sugar baby with high demand. Do some marketing of your social profiles, and concentrate on boosting your reputation on Instagram.

IG is the most visual platform, and it’s the most commonly used by sugar daddies. Don’t expect your sugar daddy to know what’s going on in your TikTok account; they probably never even look at the platform.

Make sure that your sugar baby profile on your sugar dating site has an image-rich focus, using the techniques we looked at earlier in #3.

#19 Engage with Sugar Daddies in their DMs

Your sugar daddy will likely have a social profile on Instagram as well. After meeting with them online, slide into their DMs, and start chatting.

Your sugar daddy will likely want to communicate with you through this platform as it’s a way for them to use what they already know to manage their relationship with you.

#20 Find Your Sugar Daddy on SugarDaddyMeet.com

There are several ways to find a sugar daddy online. However, if you want the best results, sign up for SugarDaddyMeet.com.

It’s easy to use and has thousands of positive testimonials from happy sugar babies and sugar daddys. Using the right platform to find your partner is possibly the most important step in the sugar dating process.

Go with the site you can trust, and register today!




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